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Swimming in the open-water (river, lake or ocean) can be very different to swimming in the clear waters of your local swimming pool. Besides the technical adjustments that you need to make to your stroke technique (which we will discuss shortly), the biggest factor for most people is adjusting to this strange environment and overcoming the fear and anxiety that it often represents.


There are no real shortcuts to becoming a better cyclist—you simply have to get your bum on the saddle. The difficulty comes in turning your leisurely riding into a race effort. In order to improve, you need to shift your mindset from laid-back, easy riding to training with intention. Follow these guidelines to get ready for the bike leg of your first race.


Triathlon is one sport, not three combined. Make sure your training reflects this!
Triathlon running is about being able to compete as close to your straight best time, even when fatigued from the swim and bike.
The very best triathlon runners manage to run within seconds of their best times for the run distance even after they have swum and biked.

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Many people in life don’t get out of their comfort zone and reach higher to achieve their dreams. Some of them are afraid, some don’t even try and many are caught up in status quo. I have decided in my life to push the boundaries and reach what my heart desires on the price on many personal sacrifices.


In life, I am a person of extremes and for me, there is no such a thing as life in between.

There are only two options regarding commitment: you’re either in or you’re out.

Life beggins where your comfort zone ends.


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My Goals 2017

  • Ironman Lanzarote June 2017
  • Triathlon Vitoria Gasteiz July 2017
  • Ironman Hawaii October 2017

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