Life philosophy

Many people in life don’t get out of their comfort zone and reach higher to achieve their dreams. Some of them are afraid, some don’t even try and many are caught up in status quo. I have decided in my life to push the boundaries and reach what my heart desires on the price on many personal sacrifices.

In life, I am a person of extremes and for me, there is no such a thing as life in between.

There are only two options regarding commitment: you’re either in or you’re out.

Life beggins where your comfort zone ends.

My first triathlon!

My starting point

I always like all kind of sports, one way or another I have always been engaged in all kind of physical exercise: athletics, football, snowboarding, mountain biking, hill running and finally I fell into the tri-world. Those who are reading would really understand why I am using the tri-world word. It is not just one sport. Neither three, it is just a way of living your life. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur wanting to finish your first sprint triathlon or a fully professional triathlete aiming for a Long Distance Championships, triathlon brings something different than any other sport (I have known) into your life. The commitment, hard work, constant challenges, physical and mental skills, you will very likely not find in any other sport. But please, let me tell you how me, a standard “sports lover guy” fell into triathlon back in 2011/2012.

A dream come true

I still remember many years ago hearing the word Ironman Triathlon and a few years later reading in a sports magazine the chronics of a Spanish guy who trained for an Ironman and finished IM Nice … that day I said to myself “how cool would be to do one eventually”. That was it, I was still a standard teenager like any other who was enjoying flirting with girls, drinking every weekend and bad at studies, if I was doing something related to sport, that was playing for my local football team in Cartaya.

Individual sport

Team sports brings something different in life, team spirit, you have to be able to give everything for any other guy on the pitch wearing the same colour as you. More than anything this gave me a priceless present … my friends! I don´t regret a second playing football for 8 years. This football experience came after my athletics experience, where I enrolled as I liked running and I was told I was good at … I had a couple of good seasons in the local athletics team where I managed to become runner up of my county – Andalucia. As said previously, after that athletics experience I transitioned to football as it was more “cool” and even though I don´t regret at all I still think I should have continued doing athletics, I was quite good and not a bad, slow and dirty left back defender, hehe!

University Times

On my twenties, I managed to go into University and I spent 5 years without doing much sport, besides snowboarding at the weekend, as on everything in life I do, I do with passion, commitment and desire to learn and become better day after day. I was never good enough and I was always trying to do things better and faster than the others. For good or bad I have always been very competitive.

Life took me to beautiful Edinburgh to a PhD in Biochemistry and  I fall in love with mountains and hill running, I started running to get fit and eventually I was training 4-5 days a week to get better and faster and doing races almost every weekend. I bought a mountain bike and started mountain biking every weekend with friends, basically, I was spending all the time out of the labs in the mountains of beautiful and rainy Scotland.


Again in Scotland I read the word IM/triathlon in a sports magazine and I said to myself “ I will do one one day” but unfortunately I didn´t know how to swim, what a pity! However, a sport lover in the back of my mind it was the word Ironman until one day I said “you know what, I don´t care if I don´t know how to swim, I will enroll into an IM and I will have to learn to swim” – that is what I did, by November 2011 I enrolled to IM Wales 2012 scheduled on September 16th and if I wanted to exit alive for it I had to 1) learn how to swim, at whatever level and 2) buy a road bike.


I still remember the first day I went to a pool with my two friends Antonio and David and I spent one whole hour learning how to breath on the side of the pool, I was unable to swim a 25 meters length without having to stop in the middle and breath 3 or 4 times before continuing, I was swimming with the dog style (head out of the water looking ahead, hehe) it was simply embarrassing and super hard; I will never forget how the monitor of the pool was laughing and making fun of me. After those first few experiences I started going to the pool 3-5 times a week just to learn how to swim at least, my teachers were “youtube, a book and my flatmate who knew how to swim and felt pity for me and helped me with some swimming drills, after a month I was able to swim 100 meters without stopping, then 200 meters, then 500, then 1 kilometer and even two by summer 2012. Needleless to say that at the same time I was training biking and running.

First Race 2012

Months were passing and on Sunday 16th September 2012 I was in the starting line of Ironman Wales surrounded by guys far taller, fitter and leaner than me … But to be honest I wasn´t scared, I was there to enjoy the day, I knew I had done everything I could to finish decently and no one would be on my way to finish what I had started with commitment, sacrifice and hard work a few months before, I was there to become an IM and I wanted to finish that race at any cost. The race was over, I became an Ironman after 10h 35 mins after the buzzer went off and I was a super happy! However, that day my life changed, I realised what Triathlon sacrifices were matching so much with my lifestyle.


Commitment, hard work, sacrifice, massive challenges and of course a multi sport “sport” where not just one but three disciplines need to be trained and mastered evenly to be a competitive triathlete which is what I am still trying – I decided to start organizing already my new challenges and I couldn’t wait to recover physically to start training again, since that day my commitment to this beautiful sport has been growing and growing and will continue growing for a while I believe, the reason for that is quite simple, I like … I love Long Distance triathlons and testing the human capabilities till the maximum and I like proving how strong physically, but mostly mentally I am or have become ….and at the end of the day Long Distance triathlon will give you back everything, the feeling of crossing a line after 9+ hours of continuous sport, challenges and hard moments is priceless and more than making you feel like a super fit guy makes you feel mentally indestructible by anything or anyone and that is (for me) something that can be bought, either you find somehow with something in life or you will never feel like me or any other long distance triathlete. If you feel to know a bit more about the sport, not necessarily about the sport itself but about what the sport can bring to you in life as a person please reach me out, I will be more than happy to have a chat about that or any other point you find of interest.

The best dog!

My Support Crew

My Support Crew

As you can understand all this commitment, in terms of time, can´t be achieved by myself. Since my beginning within the tri-world, I had the pleasure to meet my biggest fan, my friend and my partner Filipa, who always believed in me with steadfast support, being an excellent cook and looking after me like no other. Besides bringing healthy lifestyle, diet and peace into my life she also brought with her my very best friend wherever I have been in the last 5 years, my beloved friend and brother Roscoe – my cool boy. Wherever I race, they are always waiting for me at the finish line to leak and kiss me!