Cartaya Council

I always say that Home is where your heart belongs – and my heart belongs to a little coastal town in Huelva, Cartaya. Besides been a beautiful place, surrounded by a pine´s sea (mar de Pinos) and kilometres of sunny beaches this little town always believes in sport and support any kind of sports activities. For this reason, among many others, I have no words to thank enough to Cartaya´s mayor Juan Miguel Polo and sports councillor Manuel Barroso on behalf of the entire city of Cartaya for the endless and invaluable support. Como and visit Cartaya, you will love it!!! I feel even more proud to call myself Cartayero!

GAVA Triathlon Club

We are a family sport club lucky enough to have between their members some of the best triathletes, medallists in some of the most prestigious European & National AG Championships, like Laia Martín, Óscar Ciruelos y Jordi García. In the long distance format, our member Juanma Cardenas is our flagship with a 2017 Kona slot qualifiaction on his pocket.

Nuevo diseño equipacion Espai Bike by Gobik, no te quedes sin ella.

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